PlayStation VR2 Can Now Be Preordered Without Invitation

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PlayStation VR2 can now be preordered without needing an invitation.

As spotted by The Verge, anyone with a PlayStation account can preorder PSVR 2 from PlayStation Direct.

Preorders invitations originally started going out just three weeks ago, but new uninvited preorders are getting the exact same shipping estimate of February 22nd – 28th. Does this suggest demand is lower than Sony expected?

Sony reportedly anticipated PSVR 2 to have ‘much greater popularity’ than the original and planned to have 2 million units produced by March. But the $550 price shocked many potential buyers when revealed back in October, and spending on consumer electronics in general is dropping amid rising inflation.

But PSVR 2 brings major upgrades over the original. While it required an array of cables connected to a breakout box and a PlayStation Camera, PSVR 2 connects via a single USB-C cable and has onboard cameras for inside-out tracking. It features significantly higher resolution high dynamic range displays, wider field of view lenses, eye tracking, head vibration, and ergonomic controllers with thumbsticks & high fidelity haptics.

PSVR 2 isn’t compatible with original PSVR games, but many developers are expected to port their titles and Sony told investors the headset will launch with “20+ major first-party and third-party titles” including Horizon Call Of The Mountain and Resident Evil Village.

We went hands-on with PSVR2 back in September: read our first impressions here.

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