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Our Technology Research group for Technology has more than 3 decades experience creating new hardware and software technology. We lead the development of the Apple Macintosh OS, the world’s first massive muti-core processor, the first digital set-top device and steaming media servers. Our team spans new semiconductor devices through new software development and applications.

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Hybrid Memory

In recent times we have seen the emergence of a new class of devices that will deeply marry memory, logic and analog circuits. This new device category will be able to continue to act as stand-alone memory and/or offer new logic, processing and analog features. With the emergence of 3D IC technologies, and new sub 40-nanometer commercial foundry process technology these new devices will transform how we think of, design and use IC devices. We have partnered with Convergence Semiconductor to deliver a series of reports on this new category. Contact us for more info.

Bio Sensors

Coupling the new advance IC process technologies, hybrid memory, sensor technology and dynamic logic new advanced Bio Sensors will begin to emerge. These sensors will be low power, highly adaptive and more suited to the needs of the medical industry. Contact us for more info.

Dynamic Reconfiguration

For the last decade we have explore new classes of semiconductor devices, applications and design tools for controlling real-time dynamic reconfiguration. In our second decade we continue exploring this vital area and expand the commercial uses to communications, embedded computing, streaming media, and High Performance computing. Contact us for more info.

Self-evolving logic

New generations of programmable logic, adaptive and dynamic IC technologies now offer the means to implement new circuit designs that evolve, improve and adapt over their lifetime and as used by each individual. Devices offer enough capabilities, at a low cost to enable near term commercial deployment of Self-evolving logic. Contact us for more info.

Software Tools

These new IC technologies all require new design tools, enable new more powerful design methods, and allow designs to solve problems that have been too complex in the past. Our team has a strong history developing new design tools for emerging technology. Contact us for more info.

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