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We've developed applications that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, and included business applications, streaming media, security programs, video games, Interactive TV, Digital TV and IPTV, advertising platforms, and more. We have developed several of the most popular versions of the Macintosh OS, Macintosh hardware, consumer electronics products, real-time encoders, mobile devices, and custom IC processors. We have managed projects (and teams) both large and small, from concept through development, from testing through release and support. We bring all this experience to bear on the development projects we accept.

We offer several options if you wish us to develop your iPhone Application as we find each Company has different requirements for getting the iPhone Application released. Edison Labs offers skilled resources to get your project completed, tested, and released for either internal use, or through the App Store.

1). Co-Deveopment

In this model we work along side your team to complete the iPhone Application or family of Applications. If you need help forming, establishing and leading the team we can provide interim management and technical leadership until the full staff is on board, trained and producing. In most cases we work remotely, and deliver the modules, documentation, tests, test results and documentation in the format and manner you define. For established teams or proejcts, we find being remote enables us to work more efficiently, and cost effectively. We can start without defined specs (if you are the start-up stage), and help develop these prior to development, or we can work with your completed Design Specs. We work with your internal management to provide information on progress status, issues, and to review and assign priorities to bugs that should be repaired.

2). Joint Venture Development

In this model we develop the Application using our resources and you pay a fraction of the total development cost, and share revenues per the schedule we agree. This model can work well when you need to conserve your cash and are willing to trade a large development fee discount for future revenues. We consider this model based on your application, market, and the market forecast for revenue.

3.) Out-Sourced Development

In this model you define or have us define the Application, then develop, test, document and deliver to you a completed working and debugged application. We can continue in a support mode after the initial release based upon a support agreement. In cases where there is a well established definition we can provide a fixed price cost. In cases where we need to develop the specifications and design and review with you, an hourly time and materials rate is applied. Payments schedules can be negotiated to meet your needs.

Edison Labs resources are defined at the start of a project and stay on the project till completion.

  • Software Architects
  • Game Design & Development
  • Graphics Designers
  • Animators
  • Program Managers
  • Tech leads
  • iPhone Developers
  • iPhone SQA Developers
  • Hardware Engineers
Contact us at to discuss your project, and we can then provide a quote.

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