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Our Research group for Media has more than 3 decades experience creating new technology that has shaped our lives from video games, digital TV, set top boxes, media servers, computers, smartphones and more. Our products and services have been used by billions of consumers worldwide.

To request more information on research, development and special reports, please fill out a request form. Thank you.

Game Design

Research on all forms of game play and design, and how they can be used both within conventional games, as well as in areas outside of normal video game technology. We have more than 30 years of game design experience, and are always working on new ways to expand on game design, and how to apply these new techniques to areas where game theory has not normally been applied. Contact us for more info.

Reactive Media

Research on new forms of media that react when touched, moved or by programmed direction. The inclusion of new sensors into portable and consumer devices such as accelerometers and touch sensors enable many new ways for media to be enjoyed by consumers. Contact for more info.

CE Devices

Explore, prototype, and develop new Consumer Electronics (CE) devices from mobile to computing. Focus on new usage models, new business models and applying new technology to solve consumer needs. We can take a device from idea to production. Contact for more info.

Interactive Media

Research on all forms of web based interactive media. We have a Special emphasis on User Experience, and User interactions. Long experience with traditional, gaming, and multimedia will make us an ideal partner to explore new forms of Interactive Media with you.

Ad Technology

We believe that we are at the start of an entire new mode of advertising on the web, for streaming media and anyplace we now place or consume an ad. Strong background in defining new location based services and behavioral targeting of ads.

Interactive TV

Since the early age of broadband we have been involved in shaping and transforming Interactive TV. We have been the architects of broadband TV networks, devices and services - from research to fully deployed commercial systems.

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