About Edison Labs

Edison Labs began in 2007 as an independent product development lab that returns to the model of Thomas Edisonís own labs. Edison Labs was begun, as a place to explore, play, test and develop new technology that is compelling and exciting. Formed with leading technologist with broad background from Bell Labs, Interval Research, Apple Computer, and many start-up Companies.

The staff at Edison Labs were participants in creating the first video games, personal computers, personal Computer Operating Systems, Broadband Communication technology, 1G/2G/3G and 4G wireless communications, digital TV platforms, new forms of microprocessors, DSP, media and parallel processing IC's, new hand-held mobile communicators, and much much more.

About The Team

Edison Labs Jaime Cummins  Jaime Cummins, CEO & Managing Director

He founded Edison Labs and has over 25 years of experience creating and deploying new technology that have generated billions of dollars in product sales over this period. He has been a senior technology and business executive at Apple Computer (led the Mac OS group) , Pacific Bell (led the Interactive TV Engineering), Xilinx (led the Reconfigurable Logic R&D Lab) and several start-ups he co-founded and led, including Solitare Group (Video Games) , Digital Creations (Video Games and Video Effects hardware), QuickSilver Technology (Adaptive Computing Machine technology for mobile and embedded devices), Element CXI (Elemental Computing for embedded devices), and Carpe Media (Steaming Media Ad technology) from technology started at Edison Labs. He has been involved in creating the technology that has changed the world of computing for the last 2 decades. When not at Edison he is preparing for the 2010 International Carpet Fishing competition in Iceland (his personal best is a 40kg cod). See Dilbert cartoon.

Edison Labs Owen Rubin  Owen Rubin, CTO & Managing Director

Owen co-founded Edison Labs with Jaime, and has over 30 years in technology development and management. He started his career as one of the first five software game designers for Atari, and designed coin-operated games for over 13 years for Atari and Bally Sente. Owen also designed both Macintosh hardware and software at Apple. He was Director of Technology for Pacific Bell, where he helped design and build one of the first digital broadband systems in the US. Following Pacific Bell, Owen was hired by Paul Allen to lead Paul's broadband research for Interval Research, where he did research and prototype development on several innovations in digital TV and broadband devices. After Interval, Owen began a run as a technical executive for a number of different start-up companies in application security, semiconductors, digital TV devices, and advertising related technology.

Edison Labs Linnea Klines  Bo Rinaldi, VP Business Development & Sales

Bo Rinaldi is a Partner with Edison Labs and is responsible for Business Development and Strategic Vision. Prior to joining Edison, Bo has held executive positions in leading computer and consulting firms in the NW and Silicon Valley. As Executive VP of TTN, Bo helped grow and sell the firm to Spherion. A thought leader in the areas of technology, internet marketing and natural foods, Bo is an innovator who helps define the industries he is a part of. In Silicon Valley he was considered one of the creative forces behind many innovative products and companies, working directly with the founders of Apple, Oracle, Etrade, CommerceOne, Netflix and Finisar. Bo has a personal philosophy of bringing an open and enthusiastic style to all he does, and is recognized as being one of the creative drivers behind many modern technologies that are now industry standards, including acrobat, xml, quicktime and webobjects.

Edison Labs Linnea Klines Linnea Kline, VP Marketing

Linnea has over 15 years of experience marketing and training development management experience in technology markets. Linnea started her career in the automatic test equipment industry in marketing where she managed trade shows, events and marketing communications (Schlumberger), marketing operations, communications and customer training groups (LTX) and customer relationship management programs (LTX and Credence Systems). She managed course development teams for SUN Microsystems' Internal Technical Training group where she drove through to completion over 200 training courses. Most recently Linnea worked at Adobe Systems where she managed strategic content and learning programs. Linnea holds an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Edison Labs McGruff the Crime Dog  McGruff the Crime Dog

Official crime fighting mascot of Edison Labs renown for his exceptional ability to track down evil doers and criminal malcontents while maintaining his trench coat noir style. I'm McGruff the Crime Dog - world famous for my advice on how to stop crime before it happens, and for my great sense of humor. But seriously, my job is to help people, especially kids, learn how to be safe and make their neighborhood safer.

Something else you should know about me is that I go all over the country to talk to people about how they can take a bite out of crime. So if you see me in your town, come on up and say hi. You can recognize me by my tan trench coat - I never go anywhere without it.

To learn more visit  McGruff's site for more info.

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